Luxury Brands Vancouver helps international and local companies with their research, business development and public relations in the Vancouver area.

The kind of buyers your business caters to don’t just want to go to a store and purchase something. They are looking for an experience. They want to be wowed. They want to be served and pampered.

Elke Porter, through her blog, Westcoast German News, and her years on the Board of the German Canadian Business Association has met some of these luxury brand owners and has learned a lot about the public relations, promotions and publicity strategies they prefer.

She is also an Information Broker who researches key information for businesses. This information can include patents, copyright data and information and/or market research.

Her target audience are owners and sellers of luxury brand goods who want to establish relationships here in Vancouver. Do you need industry-specific information? Distribution channels? Creative ideas for marketing your product or service?

What techniques could your brand be using as part of a PR strategy for your luxury goods? Storytelling, celebrity endorsements, event marketing, building a community through social media, influencer marketing, and exclusivity.